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Hi, I’m Ahmed Martel. Thank you for visiting my personal blog!
As you see, I am on a mission with the most extraordinary and ambitious project of the 21st century, Atomy, a company born in South Korea in 2009 with a clear and precise vision: to become the world’s leading distribution hub.

In order to achieve this, Atomy has chosen the network marketing model as a vehicle for expansion; it relies on the superior quality and low prices of its consumer products and on having removed all the locks that were holding back its organic capacity to grow.

From my part, I would like to offer you a free Atomy’s membership so that you can get to know the wonderful products this company offers, as well as the opportunity to benefit and capitalize on this concept based on the leverage of many people. Remember one of the famous phrases of the Greek philosopher and mathematician, Archimedes of Syracuse: “Give me a foothold and I will move the world”. Whether you are a customer or an entrepreneur, Atomy is that foothold I want to share with you today. Are you ready to find out?


R/ All locks have been removed, therefore its growth is real, not fictitious.

If there is any doubt, let’s answer together the following questions:

– Who does not consume?
   R/ Everyone is a consumer.

– Who doesn’t like the good stuff?
  R/ We all like excellence in what we buy.

– Who likes to pay high prices for their consumer goods?
  R/ Nobody, we all like to pay a fair price for our purchases.

– Who likes to be forced to buy? I don’t. Do you?
  R/ Of course not, nobody likes being forced to make purchases, it is against human nature. Logic indicates that organic purchases grow and last, the forced ones don’t, they are temporary. Your favorite store in the area where you live, is synonymous of lasting business for its owner. But the latest network marketing opportunity you were involved in, was a temporary business for you. Did you notice the difference? And if you did, don’t you think it’s time to build something real?

– What happens when the company removes the locks and obligations of its members?
  A/ The reasons for withdrawing from the company don’t exist, and when we all remain in it, we build a lifetime residual income.

The company has managed to combine a golden rule which it’s proud of: absolute quality at an absolute price in each of its products, through its “Masstige” strategy. The word “Masstige”, comes from the combination of two words in English: Masses and Prestige, that is, prestige for the masses. In other words, there cannot be a higher quality product on the market at a lower price than the one offered by Atomy. So at Atomy we consume the best out there, at the lowest price and with a free lifetime membership.

– Atomy’s ultimate goal is to become the world’s leading distribution hub.

Atomy will secure absolute competitiveness to reach a position that connects all manufacturers and consumers in the world.

– The company will serve the world with the GSGS strategy, adopting products that have absolute quality and absolute pricing, everywhere in the world.